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Build your expert personal brand, create irresistible offers, ditch day rates, attract ideal, high value consulting clients and repeatable, predictable revenue.


Build a high performance, expert led consulting company with predictable revenue, and repeatable systems. For established companies £750k + PA


The following programs are designed as micro consulting courses. They are designed to solve 1 specific challenge we find consultants face right now.

Quick to Implement
Results Focused
Low Investment
Playbooks & Swipes

How To Get Your Next 5 Consulting Clients

Discover the secrets to landing your next 5 consulting clients. Boost your business with our proven strategies, expert frameworks, and powerful implementation plans.

A.I. & ChatGPT for Consultants

Unlock the potential of AI & ChatGPT for your consulting business. Learn how to harness cutting-edge technology for smarter insights and faster growth. Don't get left behind.

How To Create Productised Consulting Services

Revolutionise your consulting business with productised services. Discover the secrets to growing profit efficiently, attracting clients, and predictable revenue..



I generated over £170,000 of booked revenue within 2 months. I learned so much about my potential clients that arrogantly I figured I already knew. I learned a lot about where they were going, rather than dragging them to what I was offering. The third thing, and this is probably the most important in terms of the rubber hitting the road, getting the confidence and starting to book some revenue, is being able to take those first two parts, understand your network, understand your client insight, then have an offer for them which meets their needs, that is really, really simple.

Dr Peter Williams

Corporate Consultant

Working with Peter was a critical business decision for us at a crucial growth stage in the business. As a respected energy consultancy business in the UK and with a relatively crowded marketplace, we were struggling to produce a predictable flow of high quality first conversations with new prospects. We were creating around 3 or 4 first conversations per month and Peter allowed us to increase that to around 15 to 20. And not only that, the quality has drastically increased and the sales cycle has shortened. The work we did together in short and long term pipeline has added hundreds of thousands of £ to our long term business value

Andrew Diplock

Sold Consultancy and Now NED

As coaches and independent consultants we all like to think of our businesses as unique. However the one constant we all need is a predictable steady inflow of new client leads to convert.  Peter O’Donoghue and his team take the unpredictability out of that need. Book his free strategy session today and find out how you can generate a steady flow of new client leads for your business.

Roy Ripper

Consultant To Recruiters

Having developed a sales strategy we needed external expertise to deliver and embed that with the sales team. Peter came highly recommended and has been a part of revitalising and refocusing our sales effort. His experience and expertise have been of real value in testing, refining and applying our strategy. What is refreshing about Peter is that he blends his experience with very real hands on input that ensures changes are real an that they happen.

Nick Thompson




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