Sales And Marketing: GROWTH Audit And Sprint (SAMGAS)

Your bespoke playbook for de-risking high growth in your Consulting Business.

  • You'll already have some sucessful sales and marketing projects running with most business being generated by the founders/patners.
  • You'll know who have an idea who your ideal clients are, have a variety of different delivery models and have a sense of what you want to double down on. 
  • You want to grow new business generation and revenue through focused sales and marketing projects and repeatable, high value projects for clients.
  • You understand that growth will usually come from stopping many of the things you are already doing and building a coherent 'growth engine'.

This is the start of the process. You'll be open about where you are and what help you need. We'll be open and honest with around if we can help. This is where you click the button below to start the process.


If we all get along and think we can work together, then then the next stage is to agree on the scope of work and commitments.  It's pretty straightforward and we'll demonstrate expected return on your investment,


We work through the audit plan with you and your team. We deep dive into everything -  the numbers, the strategy, the activities and how they fit into your sales and marketing eco system.


At the end we jointly deliver a 90 day Implementation Sprint using our unique framework, toolset, templates, communictation plan and ontrack reporting dashboards. 

The Investment For A Sales And Marketing Audit & Sprint Is £14,000

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